Ini aku terima email dari salah seorang pembaca blog aku, tujuan aku share benda ni sebab aku kesian dengan staff Celcom yang ada sekarang kerana mereka berketuakan Mat Salleh, spertimana yang korang tahu aku ni jenis yang tak suka dengan CEo atau Bos Mat Salleh. Lihat saja apa yang berlaku dengan MAS yang menggunapakai CEO Omputeh, tak kemana pun. Ok korang baca dulu benda ni, nanti aku kat bawah:

Michael Kuehner: Bukan Melayu Yang Menjahanamkan Celcom

“Macam dah tak ada orang melayu yang hebat.”

Itulah kenyataan yang menjadi buah mulut selepas Michael Kuehner seorang bangsa Jerman dilantik sebagai CEO Celcom.

Permasalahannya adalah, setelah beberapa bulan Celcom dibawah tampuk kepimpinan Michael Kuehner dan team management baru syarikat GLC itu bukannya semakin pesat berkembang sebaliknya jahanam dari hari ke hari.

Apa yang lebih teruk, team baru yang Michael Kuehner lantik itu hampir kesemuanya seperti lembu-lembu takde telur. Buat malu melayu saje.

Heboh sana-sini pihak yang mempertikaikan perlantikan Michael Kuehner, tapi sehingga kini nampaknya masih tidak apa yang berlaku.

Persoalannya, mengapa perlantikan Michael Kuehner itu mendapat tentangan? Teruk sangat ke mamat Jerman ni.

Untuk pengetahuan, Celcom sebenarnya adalah syarikat GLC yang mana selama ini ditadbir oleh orang melayu. Tahun ke tahun Celcom dibawah kepimpinan melayu semakin hebat malah rangking no 1 banding dengan syarikat telekomunikasi yang lain.

Tapi sekarang, apa sudah jadi?

Sejak Celcom dibawah kepimpinan Michael Kuehner dan team baru dia ni, bulan demi bulan, pendapatan syarikat GLC ini jatuh merudum.

Difahamkan pendapatan Celcom merosot sebanyak 6.6% ke RM 1.68 billion sejak dari bulan September lepas.

Jumlah langganan prabayar juga jatuh.

Jadi apa maksudnya???

Maksudnya, orang dah tak suka Celcom. Pakej-pakej Celcom, sama ada prepaid atau postpaid hampir kesemua dah lapuk dan tak menarik.

Disebabkan itu, macam mana pendapatan Celcom nak meningkat. Dalam kata lain, apa sebenarnya peranan Michael Kuehner dan team baru dia dalam syarikat GLC tu?

Prestasi Celcom sebelum ini, dibawah pentadbiran Datuk Seri Mohamed Shazalli Ramly, dan sebelum itu di bawah pengurusan Datuk Ramli Abas adalah sangat memberangsangkan namun apabila kuasa beralih kepada Michael Kuehner lain jadinya.

Celcom sepertinya kalah di medan pertempuran sendiri.

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Korang kena baca link aku bagi ni, memang panas Celcom sekarang ni. Diharap pihak yang bertanggungjawab mengambil tindakan yang sewajarnya kerana kalau dibiar masalah ni akan melarat lagi, perlu ke dengan CEO Mat Salleh ni? Apa orang kita tak cukup hebat ke? Elok je CEo dulu melayu dan Celcom menjadi salah satu Telco yang hebat, kenapa perlu diganti dengan Mat Salleh?



  1. Aku tak tahu langsung hal ni. Ingatkan Melayu punya hal.
    Pengalaman terkini (karenah celaka) setelah 26 tahun bersama Celcom sudah seperti MENGHALAU PELANGGAN. Long stay dah tadak makna langsung.
    I was subscribing since 1991 it is about 25 years. That times the service only in Klang Valley. Hand phone set is about RM6,000 (Car phone, Mobira is about RM14,000 – nationwide inclusive in jungle normally very useful in logging camp). Advance deposit on subscribing was RM300 fixed there. They can put fixed deposit in the bank. If they had one million subscribers, then RM300 million could be in FD. An access fee is ‘beheaded’ for RM60 per month. It means zero airtime. Call charge is 30 cents per minute. The services are very poor – line very busy. Normally average people will spend about RM300 to RM500 for monthly bill. Just for information, that time a technician or senior clerk salary is about RM500 per month i.e., one year flat salary for such basic hand phone and a full month salary just for phone bill only. Fresh diploma graduate is about RM400 per month. Indeed that all you agree to subscribe, not a matter. It is just to show how the long stayers endurance ‘swim and sink’ together with the company.
    My recent experience, I threw my tantrum hoping they catch my bait and thud in trap. Done!
    This is not first unethical troublesome. Only thing this is their extremely stupid bad image and very shameful reflex to my clan. No brain! Then it is my fully right to stand-up for my clan and ‘kills’ traitors if necessary.
    • Just because of these 34 dollars and 35 cents they cut the line of my long stay more than 25 years? Arrogantly response like hooligan. Ten fingertips must upward to them as we are paying?
    • My credit limit is RM500, had been offered to increase to RM650 due to my usage pattern.
    • I check up to date (plus unbilled) total is ±RM250
    • I was in rural area (where I stay) had to jump up 85km to Kuantan? Just after 3 days paid (100 out of 134.35 demanded) in town? They think all subscribers (getting the money from the sky) must surround the paying machine like beggars to feed them 24/7/365. Better still telling the truth if you are going to bankrupt, no money to pay salaries then we understand and rush up to pay any debt even it is 35 cents or maybe advancement another 65 cents.
    • Their normal practise…..
    o 21st Nov – request 134.35 (within 7 days)
    o 25th Nov – paid 100.00 (accepted by SMS)
    o It is enough until next month. Most of subscriber did it through a machine like this.
    o On 28th Nov – they bar the line for 34.35
    o Normally is not like this. If my bill is 300 and I pay 200 (through machine) it is enough until next month. Furthermore in the middle of interval I pay the balance of that 100 to avoid accumulation. So it means those of them (Malay officers) always developing and thinking progressively how to make troublesome to others and hoping to regard them powerful. Toward Satanic will and against to their Islamic faith.

    To all the readers what the reaction you guess?
    Yessssssssss……. They are look for ‘fighting’ to show off their arrogant rather than business. My subscribing history maybe is older than their age. Pity their corporate.
    After one hour, instead of the apology (May through SMS) and connect back my line (very simple and it doesn’t varnish the amount isn’t it? Creating more in bill as I am still using the phone), they throw their tantrum (to extremely long stay customer – since that time their system only have 6 digit analogue and starting 010). Now everything was recorded here to tell the world how stupid they are toward the Malay outcast.

  2. Sambung sikit;
    Then they put 150.95 instead of original 34.35 within one hour. They are killing and their ‘master’ duties are stripping out customers.
    I must admit they are BIG and now they are happily laughing complement each other to celebrate ‘the world success trophy’ then special holiday plus dinner of lamb chop or chicken chop plus shark fins maybe for whole week. That is the most bureaucrat and government link companies’ Malay culture.

    How come they to be like this?
    If I haven’t made that call, throw my anger (facing them with all fingers up right) definitely I just to pay 34.35 then line will be connecting back. Somehow rather I acquire right chance, take all risk and did the right thing for the sake of customers. Let the company go to hell if they really need it.

    I cannot refrain anymore as their service gradually worse and this is extremely unimagined super stupid case. 101% their mistake and should apology. I do expect what is going to be when I throw my tantrum. Only thing I am wrong with some deviate. I thought they will bounce back within 10 minutes but it happen about one hour and I thought it going to impose me straight to RM250 but it only RM150.

    Some of my friends ask me to follow them to change the ‘system’. I just keep quite. They also long stay like me but I never ask why.
    o One of my close friends (019-3361xxx) also registered in 1991 jump out sometime ago. He only said a lot of problem, no customers oriented, they don’t want customers. Everywhere (other than Malay oriented) is “Our valued customer…….”, “without you all we are no business”. Very humble Chinese businessmen and don’t care how small you are in his business. In fact he has one fleet of new Mercedes difference series and the youngest daughter drive Honda sport to college. Ungrateful, they shit out to us as we are paying them, their survival; they want our fingertips upward to them like a king. They think they can stand alone. Go to Hell they are. Just beetle off laa….Zul”.


    1. Apa kena mengena TunM dengan masalah Celcom ?

      Kalau sebab Najib.. itu ada kemungkinan sebab Celcom tu GLC dan dibawah Najib indirectly.

  4. Kenapa nk kecoh biarlah mat saleh tu jd ceo...tak salah pun ada ke staff yg mati x mkn( ayat bodo org umno pd rakyat).....MO1 ngan mat saleh tu sama je jahanamkan negara

    1. Betul... tak cukup dengan kita dok pejahanam, ajak dan upah orang putih pejahanam kita semua = Beri cota suruh ketuk kepala kita dan beri upah pula kerana dia buat kerja itu. Bodo pun simpan la sikit kut.

  5. Kpi biasanya berlapikkan keuntungan. Kalau tak buat untung nak buat apa simpan lama lama. Mungkin ada pihak yang mudah lupa tetapi jangan apologetik tak bertempat.

  6. selalunya kalau CEO Mat Salleh mesti company tu dalam bahaya atau senang cerita inilah masanya nak lepaskan diri amek saham, macam Malaysia Airlines. CEO Mat Salleh tu rasanya boneka sahaja

  7. Assalamu alaikum warohmatullahi wabarakatu.
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