Ronnie Liu is behind Beng Hock's death!?

This is a true story. Teoh Beng Hock was getting fed up in his job working for Ean Yong and Ronni Liu. It is an open secret now that Teoh had told his fiancee that he want to quit his job with Ronni Liu and Ean Yong and move back to Melaka. Why? Teoh was known as a bright young man with a good future in politics. And he was given a dream job - working for Ronni Liu and Ean Yong at so early age and a bright start to his career. Why did he become so unhappy so quickly with his job that he wants to resign and move back to Melaka?

The problem started soon after the March 8th election after Ronni Liu was appointed the STATE EXCO MEMBER AS PENGERUSI JAWATANKUASA TETAP KERAJAAN TEMPATAN, KAJIAN DAN PENYELIDIKAN.

Ever since then Ronni has been up to no good. Ronni has been siphoning money out from the rakyat. He has been siphoning out the RM500,000 discretionary fund that is available for each DUN. The wakil rakyat are supposed to spend this RM500,000 discretionary funds at their own discretion to repair the drains, repair roads and the bridges.

As the Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Kerajaan Tempatan, Ronni has the power over all the majlis daerah, majlis perbandaran and pihak berkuasa tempatan inside Selangor. What Ronni and Ean Yong doing was to get their underworld friends to set up dummy companies and bid for 'dummy' projects to siphon out the money.

But Teoh Beng Hock was the wrong guy to do their dirty business. Before working for Ronni and Ean Yong, Teoh Beng Hock worked for Tony Pua the other DAP Member of Parlimen. Remember in March 2009 the DAP accused UMNO Youth of bullying Karpal Singh in his wheelchair in the Parliament. Photographs were showing Karpal Sing "being bullied" by UMNO Youth. Then a few days after that a video appeared which showed the opposite - that the UMNO Youth fellows did not threaten or harm Karpal Singh. They were standing there and were talking in rude way to Karpal. This video was taken by Teoh Beng Hock. This video seriously embarrased the DAP because it shows that the UMNO Youth did not touch Karpal Sing. The DAP was very angry with Teoh Beng Hock for taking this video and giving it to people.

This is the not the first time the DAP was embarrased. Remember a few years ago Theresa Kok 'exposed' a video of a Chinese woman from China being asked to do naked squats in a Police station. Theresa Kok made a big fuss about the video. Then it was exposed that Theresa's claim about Chinese being bullied by Police was false. The girl in the video was a local Malay who was caught for drugs. After that Theresa dropped the issue. The Malay girl was not important to Theresa. She only made an issue when she thought it was a Chinese girl involved. After that Theresa Kok never visited the malay girl or even bother to find out about her - because she is a Malay.

So the DAP is very good at making themsleves stupid. But people always forget. After Teoh Beng Hock exposed the real story about Karpal Sing and his wheelchair, the DAP fired Teoh Beng Hock from working for Tony Pua. Teoh Beng Hock was reassiged to Ronni Liu. Ronni then put Teoh in Sri Kembangan to work for Ean Yong where they can keep an eye on him.

But at that time, after 2008 and in 2009 Ronni and Ean Yong were already siphoning money from the RM500,000 DUN discretionary funds. There were about 250 small projects worth RM50,000 or less which they had used to siphon out the money. These were all false projects or overpriced projects. Dummy companies were set up by Ronni's underworld friends, including bumi companies and also companies registered in China or involving Chinese directors.

The dummy companies then submitted invoices for false projects (which did not exist) or overpriced the projects. If there was any work done, only a small portion of the payments were paid to the project. The rest of the money was siphoned out by Ean Yong and Ronni Liu. Teoh Beng Hock was asked to process the paperwork for his boss Ean Yong. If there were any problems, Ean Yong asked Ronni Liu's help to approve the projects.

For each dummy project, Ean Yong and Ronni Liu took out about RM30,000 or less - small amount. The total number of projects that were dummy is about 250. So Ronni and Ean Yong siphoned out about RM6.0 - RM7.0 million of the rakyat's money from 2008 - 2009. This money was paid into private account controlled by Ean Yong and Ronni. The Police must arrest Ean Yong and Ronni and interrogate them about all these payments and accounts.

Teoh Beng Hock carried all the dummy project details and some of the invoices in his laptop computer which is now with the MACC and now given to the Police Forensics. Before Teoh Beng Hock died, he had agreed to be a witness for the MACC and he also signed a statement which proves the involvement of Ronni Liu and Ean Yong in siphoning rakyat's money from the Selangor State Government. Teoh had also agreed to fetch more documents to prove the connection between Ean Yong, Ronni and the underworld. This is what YB Wee Choo Keong was referring to when he said that there were underworld connections with Pakatan is Selangor.

In the laptop computer there is also a few invoices which Teoh had saved. These are belief to be fake invoice because how can invoices be found inside Teoh's laptop? Not just dummy company, and dummy project but they also manufacture dummy invoice. By 3:45 a.m. Teoh realised that he was in serious trouble. His signed the statement also means that the whole DAP will be exposed as corrupt and fraud. But still Teoh signed the statement with the MACC.

Teoh also received many phone calls when he was driving by himself to the MACC at 5pm the previous day. Police are now trying to find out who are the people who called or sms Teoh. The Police must also check Ronni Liu's handphone and also Ean Yong's. Did both these people call Yeoh and threaten him or frighten him - which caused Teoh to commit suicide?

The evidencs show that Teoh committed suicide. The door to the MACC is a glass door which uses a magnetic swipe card. No one can open the door from inside or outside without swipe card. So no one killed Teoh from outside. The MACC did not kill Teoh because Teoh was their main witness who have signed a statement that Ean Yong and Ronni were already corrupt. Teoh also agreed to bring some more documents as evidencs for MACC. Teoh's statement is also tape recorded and maybe a video record is also available. This is the true story about Teoh Beng Hock, Ean Yong, Ronni Liu and how they siphon money from the rakyat.

They are DAP all corrupt. People must know
By Friends of Teoh Beng Hock

Actually somebody sent me email about this matter, so i just want to share with you guys! For me this just another theory, you analyze it yourself!

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  1. And you should analyse this also.

    Very important. See how UMNO also give chance for Pakatan to increase its majority in Kedah.

    Aiyoyo kadavuleh...Dei Parpu...what is happening to UMNO ADUNs lah?

    just because UMNO in the opposition, tak payah ke kerja tapi nak ealun ADUN?

    You are right person to discipline these errant UMNO ADUNs. Or maybe you can ask Barking Magpie to do it. He even claimed that he and a few others were successful in bringing the downfall of Tun Abdullah.

    Anyway the cerita by Bernama is as follows:

    A by-election in Kota Siputeh next?

    The Kedah Election Commission (EC) has sent a letter to EC headquarters in Putrajaya, reporting on the status of Umno's Kota Siputeh state assemblyperson Abu Hassan Sarif.

    Kedah EC director Zainal Abidin Zakaria said Kedah state assembly speaker Dr Abdul Isa Ismail had written to him, making the claim that Abu Hassan had lost his seat. The letter arrived two days ago.

    He said Isa reported that Abu Hassan has lost his seat as he failed to attend state assembly sittings on April 19 and Aug 9.

    "This matter will be handled by our headquarters. The EC legal division will study it," he told Bernama today.

    Abu Hassan, the Jerlun Umno division chief, is a four-term state assemblyperson for Kota Siputeh.

    Zainal Abidin said he is still waiting for a directive from the EC headquarters.

    Isa said under Section 51 of the state constitution, assemblypersons who fail to attend assembly sittings twice in a row would automatically lose their membership and would have to vacate their seats.

    He is scheduled to hold a press conference on the Kota Siputeh seat tomorrow.

    This is a season of by-elections, with the nation facing its eighth by-election in Permatang Pasir, Penang next week since the March 2008 general election.


  2. oit cerita pasai benda lain,hg jgnl cerita pasai benda lain....sja nk tukaq topik kowt...awt ada takot ka?

  3. Well anon, if he is not performing then he should leave then, either they are from BN or PR!

    We want someone who can handle their job well, not taking advantage of it!

    So when all this gangster's from Selangor and Penang are going to resign?

  4. Best sekali yang benar2 bagi SUSPENSE kat mereka yang duk GIGIT CILI API...

    Shit Stirrer Sonyap, sepi.. heheheh

    Berapa jam TEOH duk sembang dengan MACC? Lama tu.... Bayangkan kalau tengok "HOUSE MD" dah berapa episode siap habis, mungkin 1 season sampai la dia dihantaq masuk rumah sakit jiwa..

    Bayangkan, berapa banyak maklumat dan nama2 yang telah TEOH dedahkan, kecut perut...

    Tapi STEADY ler, pelan2 slow and steady, biar tengok siapa yang duk mengelabah tak tau arah duduk!

    Dengar kata Gobind tak setuju tape soal siasat berjam2 ini didedah? Alahai, he talk ikut kepala otak dia saja, mari kita semua dengar apa mendiang TEOH cerita pasal opis dia?


  5. anon 6.19.
    1.awat ko bukak topik lain nih??
    2.kalo mmg adun tuh xwat keje,boleh blah ok..aku pedulik hape de dr parti mane...kalo pemalas stop!!

    teori ean yong bapak sebenar kpd anak TBH tu ade benar ke?aku pon xingat bacer katne,tapi ade terbacer la...kalo salah sori la ye..haha

  6. What is going on bro?

    Too many slip ups lah today from UMNO.

    This poor blogger post all the documents of Rohaizat (Permatang Pasir UMNO candidate) in his blog -

    One document says medical leave given for 14 November 2007 for Rohaizat.

    But Bernama has story today saying that Rohaizat could not attend Bar Council hearing on 14 Sept 2007 because he was sick. And he had medical leave certificate from doctor for this.

    Then why Rohaizat must give the blogger a medical leave chit with date 14 November 2007?

    Can you get someone to padam the date (14 Nov 2007) and put in a new date (14 Sept 2007) on that medical leave slip?

    Can what...if DNA sample can be planted, this one small matter lah.

    Quickly get it done, so that esok can use for UMNO Permatang Pasir campaign.

    I wont tell anybody... unlike Teoh Beng Hock's case where a blogger released all the 'true' documents which allowed you to whack Liu and DAPigs like hell.

  7. Aku rasa orang yang betul gila kuasa sekarang ni ia lah orang Pas sebab nya mereka lah yang akan bermatian setiap kali PRK walau pun orang mereka tidak betanding tahap taksub mereka kalau kepala babi di pakaikan serban mereka tetap undi sebab mereka ni dari jenis dah tak boleh berfikir bodoh piang, jadi lah mereka bahan uji kaji DAP dan PKR ke tahap mana mereka ini macam robot. Apa saja yang kita kata pada mereka jawab mereka itu semua fitnah semoga tuhan tutupkan pintu hati mereka buat bahan bakar di neraka , tapi apa halpun Anwar tetap pengkianat itu saya tara lupa punya.

  8. Salam Parpu Sahab,

    Such a strong accusation, I guess you are also prepared to face the consequences. Very very brave!

    BTW, salute to you Bro. Nak harapkan bebudak KJ keluarkan this kind of posting, NO WAY MAN. Dia orang asyik dok promo si ketua yang sebenarnya tak ke mana.

    Kalau ada isu lain mesti pasal nak hantam Parpu Kari and Piggy Singh. Selanjutnya muncul pula askar upahan bergelak ketawa meraikan "kemenangan" mereka. Inikah yang dikatakan bloggers pembela negara?

    Bagi gua bebudak KJ ni hanya layak diberi gelaran BLOGGER PEMBELA TRAITOR!


  9. Entah eh Anon ni... Gilo ko apo, nak den polangkong kopalo ekau ngan bosi paip... Kang bengong kojap...

    eXception - Bukan Sekadar Blog Picisan

  10. Yang terbaru...inquest kematian Teoh

    Surat di terima olih Gobind...
    Apa isi kandungan nya?????

  11. Yang terbaru...inquest kematian Teoh

    Surat di terima olih Gobind...
    Apa isi kandungan nya?????

  12. Ya Allah...People must know...Satu lagi projek Barisan Nasional...

  13. naper ekk kalau penyokong geng mahaliwat mesti guna ANON..haha penakut tol la..dah tu tukar lak topik len..nmpak sgt penakut..

  14. Parpu,

    Biarlah depa bloggers Pembangkang nak nafikan or butakan mata depa.Sebab mmg depa xcerdik. TAPI kami penduduk di kawasan TTDI Jaya,SEksyen 13 dah sepakat utk kembalikan amanah memerintah Selangor kepada BN demi kestabilan anak bangsa kami. Setelah diamati perubahan pada BN,dan makian dr pihak PR,kami bersepakat utk tidak rosakkan anak2 generasi selepas kami. Kita ingatkan pembangkang nih lebih elok dr banchmark BN tetapi cakap jaa lebih. So InsyaAllah,kami akan teruskan kesepakatan perbincangan kami. Kami perlukan kesejahteraan dan keamanan,bukannya kekacauan. Biarkan mereka(bloggers PR) menyalak,kerna kuasa mengundi pada kami bukannya depa.


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